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Anonymous asked:
Hi. Do you take requests?

At the moment, I am not. But I take them into consideration for later.

INTERVIEWER: What’s it like working together now after having worked together on the Twilight films?
Anna laughs as does Rob.
ROB: Get it together woman.
ANNA:  (laughs) I’m sorry. He just gets me into these little giggle fits whenever someone brings up Twilight. We did those those movies together, but we never got to really interact but in a few scenes. It is nothing like this movie.
INTERVIEWER: So, is it weird then, playing one another’s love interest in this new film?
ANNA: (trying to keep a straight face) It’s definitely different.
ROB: (nods while laughing) Really different.
ANNA: I’m so sorry. I swear we’re usually more professional than this. We’re gonna get it together for you. I promise.